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It is the responsibility of the student and the student’s family (and if applicable the student’s sponsor) to budget appropriately and have funds available to purchase textbooks and supplies at the beginning of each enrollment period.

The university understands that on occasion, financial resources may be delayed and not available at the beginning of the semester/term.  The purpose of the BYU-Hawaii Book Loan is to enable qualified students to obtain books and supplies when classes begin.

No outstanding university charges for any enrollment period
Enrolled for at least 9 credits at BYU-Hawaii (4 credits during a term)
Must be admitted to BYU-Hawaii in a degree-seeking program
Students enrolled as visiting or non-degree seeking are not eligible for federal aid, scholarships, or any other financial aid.

Loan Amounts
The borrower may choose $450 or $250 as the maximum initial credit.  Once selected, this amount may not be increased.  The maximum authorized amount will be placed on the student's account. Once the loan period is closed, the charge will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount charged at the bookstore.

Application & Deadline Dates

Book Loan Application Period
Book loan Active
Book loan Due
Fall 2017
08/01/17 - 09/15/17

Students who are approved (within 24 hours on weekdays) will receive an email message. Once the approval has been received, the student would show their BYU-Hawaii ID Card at the bookstore to use their book loan.

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